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An Early Birthday Surprise September 12, 2008

Posted by brianlatimer in Fun.

We’ve been prepping for my 40th (!) birthday for quite some time, and Patricia has been very stressed about the final preparations for Saturday’s event at the Tech Museum of San Jose. I’m sure it’s going to turn out great – but, will admit that the thing called “work” has gotten in the way of us getting things done as soon as we’d like.

Of course, it turns out that sometimes, events at work can be very pleasant surprises – like, say, when you receive an early birthday gift, all the way from Missouri.

I was volunteering at our Friday Beer Bash, in celebration of the new iPod releases we announced this past Tuesday, and was having a good time demonstrating the new iPod nano to others. I always enjoy talking with others, and sharing the new features of the products, getting feedback from others on the public perception of the releases, etc., so was having a good time helping out. We had a big turnout (free food & beer is always popular on campus ;-), and so there were plenty of folks packed into the Caffé.

At one point, I saw Tricia making her way through the crowd, and figured she’d say “Hi” – especially since I was talking to a few of her co-workers at the time. I’m in the middle of a demo of some of the new features when I look up to see a distinguished-looking gentleman moving into the group to see some of the features of the nano. A gentleman which I recognized to be my Dad – who wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near California, but who flew in earlier in the day from Missouri to help celebrate my birthday weekend with us. Wow!

I was very surprised, and obviously thrilled to see him. My parents had worked out the trip as a surprise, and didn’t even tell Patricia until the middle of the week. Mom couldn’t make it, as she remaining back home to take care of Grandma, but I know her thoughts are with me, as well. (Thx, Mom!)

I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with both my wife & my Father, as well as the big crowd we have coming to the party on Saturday. It’s been a very nice surprise, and one which I’m incredibly happy that my family has given me. Thanks, all.

Aside: Turns out that Patricia almost spoiled the surprise on Friday morning, on our way into work. She had been watching the weather reports, and saw that it was supposed to be extremely hot for the weekend. She had said something about “Oh, great, the one weekend he’s in town, it will be too hot to enjoy being outdoors”, but I completely missed it. I had been thinking of my friend Johnathon, who we helped celebrate his 40th birthday on Wednesday (Happy B-day, JS!) – but who wasn’t going to be able to make my party, since he was going camping with his family starting Saturday morning. So, I just figured that Patricia was getting confused regarding where they were going to go camping, and was rather confusingly concerned at their ability to enjoy the weekend. Yeah, I guess I am getting older… ;-)


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