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Another day September 13, 2019

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Friday, 2019-09-13: Fifty-one.  Damn.  Dayum.  That is … not young.   But, I guess getting older is better than the alternative ;-)

This specific birthday is a rather interesting one:  It’s only the 7th anniversary of my birth which I’ve celebrated which has fallen on a Friday.  I was actually born on a Friday the 13th, a fact which garnered me the nickname “Lucky” when I was in 6th grade (thanks, Mr. Sainz!).  While some consider a “Friday the 13th” an unlucky day (silly triskaidekaphobics … or, more specifically, paraskevidekatriaphobics), it’s – obviously – always been a very lucky one for me.  And, I certainly feel I’ve earned that nickname, with the life I’ve had to this point.

AND, this birthday was also marked by a Full Moon – which is even more rare.  I believe my birthday in 2000 also had one – but that one didn’t fall on a Friday.  So, the combination of the two, seems to be exceedingly rare.

Anyway… it was a pretty good day.  I woke to a scavenger hunt established by my son – a fun callback to an event we pursued for him several years back, which it seems stuck with him.  Very proud of that boy.  He made me a great card (taking special care to ensure there were exactly 51 candles on the cake he drew for me), repeatedly wished me a Happy Birthday throughout the day, and even shared the reason for today’s celebration with his classmates: When I went to pick him up at school, I had several others wish me a great day, which was a pleasant surprise.

Very, very proud of that boy.

And, I was taken to lunch by my wife – which is a rare occurrence, as well.  It was nice to have some time to try and reconnect, and enjoy some unique food: A Korean “burger”, and waffle fries smothered in BBQ beef, kimchi, and mayo.  Weird – but good!

And of course, my parents called to wish me a great day.  I want to ensure I take the time to speak to them on a more-frequent basis, and be proactive about reaching across the miles to connect with them. I still don’t like being so far away, but if we can bridge the distance by electronic means on a recurrent basis – coupled with periodic visits, as there’s no substitute for being there in person – I’ll feel more connected, and feel better about making the decision to move so far away from “home” … which it turns out, was more than half-my-life ago.  Wow.

I was also wished well by many, many friends today.  It’s always nice to be remembered, and although I’m sure many of the messages were probably initiated by electronic reminders (recurring Calendar events are very useful ;-), it was still very meaningful to me that they each spent even a little bit of time to actually reach out to wish me well.  Thank you to all who took the initiative to do so – and to anyone and everyone who even quietly wished me well in their own way.

I know that I’m exceedingly lucky to be in the position I am, and hope I am always able to remind myself of this. And, I recognize that – despite the challenges which I have encountered, and continue to encounter – I should always count my blessings.

I actually got a chance to view the full moon with my son tonight before he went to bed, and we both reflected on all the insights we’ve gained over the last few months (July was all about the Apollo 11th 50th Anniversary; our summer was spent in many related pursuits). Since he was born during a winter solstice coupled with a lunar eclipse, I figure he would appreciate the lunar connection we share today, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Anyway, I’ve extended this blog post for far too long (again), and as such: Another great birthday is now behind me.  I am looking forward to continuing this next chapter of my life, and trying to be more comfortable with the decisions I’ve made – and to be proactive enough to make even better ones in the future.

Thanks again, all.