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Chapter markers for ripped DVDs March 27, 2007

Posted by brianlatimer in Apple/Mac.
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With the addition of an Apple TV to the entertainment center, I’m all-of-a-sudden more interested in having more content available to me – in a form I can really use. I’ve fought the desire to rip all my DVDs to this point, however, due to 1) Quality issues, and 2) Usability concerns. For the former, since the Apple TV can handle full-HD quality media content, that’s a bit lessened (although I’d still have to have a separate file for iPod sync’ing, since these max out at 640×480).

For the latter, it’s always bugged me how much I “lose” by ripping to a single movie file on disk. Not only are the extras (interviews, deleted scenes, etc.) gone – which, arguably, are one of the primary reasons I would buy a physical DVD versus a download – but also you end up with no easy navigation within that huge file. No chapter marks, etc. (more…)

Denny Dent – frenetic painter extraordinaire March 21, 2007

Posted by brianlatimer in Fun.

Just ran across a link to a video of artist Denny Dent, apparently from the 1968 documentary “Monterey Pop“.

I remember seeing Denny paint on campus at the University of Missouri – Columbia (my Alma Mater – Go Tigers!) when I was there. It was just a random event one day in the central common area of campus, where this great showman would blast awesome music, and perform his “Two-fisted Art Attack” on huge canvases, in front of the collected crowd. The results were these absolutely incredible paintings done in just a few minutes, of several popular music artists – such as Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Billy Idol, Elton John, etc. (more…)

Long live the Newton! March 19, 2007

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Just saw this post on TUAW regarding a new buyer of a MessagePad 120, and what he might be able to do with it.

Whadaya think, folks? Is this platform truly dead, in deference to smartphones, more-capable-yet-ever-tinier devices, etc. Or, is there still some life left in the old dog?

Before you answer, be sure to check out the Newton Video Guides which are available as free podcasts from iTunes. There’s still a lot of support for/interest in this decade-old platform yet, it appears…

Reset Utility – part deux March 15, 2007

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iPod Reset Utility
And I can now come up for air again…

I’ve just completed yet another release of an iPod utility today – this time the “iPod Reset Utility” (no “shuffle” in the name this time), which has now gone live on the AppleCare support site:

http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=305204 (more…)