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Definitely High – definitely… December 16, 2007

Posted by brianlatimer in Rants.

I’m still looking into what the heck I will need for obtaining REAL HD content for this HD-capable TV of mine. Yes, I’m considering a TiVo series 3, but it’s still too expensive, IMHO.

Here’s a couple recent articles regarding using your computer for this content: One review of the El Gato EyeTV Hybrid, and another focusing on the ease-of-use of the EyeTV software.

Takeaway: “Getting media from EyeTV to iTunes is simple but time consuming as TV shows and TV movies have to be converted to a format iTunes is willing to stream to AppleTV.”

In other words,: Yeah, it’s nice – but the host machine will be CONSTANTLY on, converting the recorded stuff from raw MPEG2 into H.264 or the like, just to get it into a format which iTunes (and therefore Apple TV) can handle. Therefore, this looks to be a non-starter for me…

Note the “Ideal solution” indicated on the second page: “Ideal solution: Apple TV directly supports eyeTV Hybrid hanging off of USB port. “

I know that’s not going to happen, but man – why is the Apple TV so limited?


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