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A new(er) beginning February 26, 2019

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So… I haven’t exactly been keeping up-to-date on this blog, but figured today was as good a day as any to correct that.  It seems I have quite a bit more time on my hands, as of late.

The reason?  I have resigned from my job – my last day was yesterday, Feb 25, 2019.

This was actually a very tough decision, and I may get into specifics of “why” at some point in the future.

But for now: My focus needs to be on my family – taking a step back from my professional pursuits, in order to focus on personal ones.

As such, I’m thinking of starting up writing again, and trying to post a bit more consistently.  I certainly can’t promise daily, weekly, or even monthly updates – it is readily apparent that blogging is not a “driving force” for me.  But, I would like to try and document some interactions on a recurring basis, so I (and perhaps others) have something to refer back to, in the future.

So, to ease myself into this mode:

Tuesday, 2019-02-26  (using the ISO 9601 date format, which is the only one which makes any logical sense…)

Today was … weird.  It’s my first day after leaving work, but it didn’t actually feel that much different than other days when I was at home – either WFH days, or vacation days, or days when I or someone else in the house were under the weather.  But, in all those instances, I always had “work” which needed to be done, so such tasks and the associated stress were always clawing at the back of my mind, constantly vying for attention.

Today, that wasn’t the case, however.  There is no “work” to be done; no efforts contributing to an employer which I need to catch up on.

Don’t get me wrong: I have plenty of things to do – I’ve already been working on my list of household todo’s; prioritizing my lists of things which I haven’t had a chance to pursue until now; defining my next set of steps for being able to eat better, take care of myself better, etc.  But, it’s odd to have everything on my list be something which will (hopefully) directly benefit me, vs. primarily benefitting my employer.

As I said: Weird.

I started the day by taking my son into school (heh, when first typing that, the word “work” came out automatically; wow – I have a lot of un-training to do…).  We chatted quite a bit on the way there, and when walking him to his classroom, and I knew he was in the right mindset to have a good day.  Just perhaps not necessarily realizing why his Dad was able to spend this extra time with him.  Last night, I did promise him that I’d spend more time with him each and every day from here on out – and the smile on his face gave me a great deal of reassurance.

The middle part of the day went much faster than expected: I puttered around, taking care of a few household tasks, and performing several data updates (mainly moving around personal files to free up Dropbox space – since without a linked corporate account, my available Dropbox allocation was significantly reduced), as well as catching up on bills and planning for Tax season, etc.  We also worked on some travel details, determining a good time for a visit back to see my parents in the Midwest.  It will be good to spend time with them in person again – and not have to be worried about having to cut the trip short, due to work commitments, or the lack of available PTO.

By the time I realized what time it was, it was nearly time to go pick up my son from school (in my defense: It was a “short day” – and the end-of-day bell was scheduled over an hour earlier than most days).  I skipped lunch (again) – so need to ensure I prioritize my time better, for the days ahead.  It was drizzling rain as I headed out, which could be depressing – but when I got to his classroom, he was chatting amiably with his friends, and seemed genuinely happy to see me.  Always a good feeling.  We headed home, and did a bit of music practice – I am always fascinated by how quickly he has taken to playing, and really understanding the music concepts (chord progressions, transposing songs into different keys, etc.).  I’ve always loved music, but never took much time to really practice to get better at any of my instruments (hmm… maybe that can change now, as well…) – so I am thrilled that my son not only seems to have the interest, but a great deal of aptitude, in music, as well.  I love hearing him play, and trying out new things.

Anyway, his Mom took him to music class, which left me … alone in the house. I did a small bit (a very small bit) of exercise, then (finally) took a shower for the day – just in time for wife and son to return home.  They actually stopped by Blaze Pizza (one of his favorites) on the way, and they even called me ahead of time to check which toppings I would like.  I enjoyed scarfing down the pizza with him – it goes very quickly for this kid, let me tell you – as well as doing a bit more work with him on tracking the HUGE number of Safeway “Shop-Play-Win” tickets which he’s obtained (some via social engineering efforts against the customers in line ahead of him, some via expressing his interest to the parents of his classmates, etc.).  He’s certainly crazy about this yearly (?) game, and looking forward to whatever (small or large) “wins” he’s able to come away with.

I then headed out this evening for a parent education seminar at CHC – this one, about “Positive Behavior Strategies for Parents”.  I had attended a previous event here several months ago, and really enjoyed it – I just wish the location (Palo Alto) wasn’t so far away.  Still, a reverse-commute – seeing the end-of-workday traffic bogged down on the other side of the freeway, and recognizing that I wasn’t a part of it today – was nice, and something else I was thankful for today.  The session really was excellent, and I greatly enjoyed the tips & tricks the facilitators shared, as well as the general insights and methodologies they taught us.  I was especially impressed by a quick introduction into integrating Mindfulness into our parental toolkit, which seems it can really help us navigate matters, when challenges arise.

Anyway, the commute back was uneventful – it really just felt like I was returning back home, after staying at work late.  Again, this new situation is going to take some time to get used to.  I made it home in time to put my son into bed (and deal with his protestations, and desires to stay up to do “just one more thing…” – some things never change), then headed to the computer – so I could write this up, while things were fresh in my mind.

Eh – this is far too long a post, as usual.  Again, I can’t guarantee much in the way of consistent updates here in the future – but it will be nice to try and write a bit more, journaling some of my experiences.  Not necessarily for anyone else to read; just for me to get the details out, and into a non-ephemeral form.  We’ll see how this experiment goes.


On deck: Taking care of remaining water leak issues at the rental place, (home) office cleanup – including initial work toward de-cluttering, and trying to prep several items for auction/sale/giveaway (that’s a whole other topic, for another day…).  And, of course, acclimating myself to my new status/situation.

What an AWESOME birthday! September 14, 2008

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Saturday, September 13, 2008 was my 40th birthday (ack!), and I had a great time. Not only did we have a great party planned at the Tech Museum, but my Dad had surprised me by flying in from Missouri to help celebrate. Truly a wonderful day, and one which I’ll always remember.

I just wanted to log some random impressions of the day, while they were still fresh in my mind.


A new beginning… September 8, 2008

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After far too long on hiatus, here’s a new entry to appease those staring in disappointment at what has become my (cob-)website.

I simply don’t spend enough time on what I’d like to do – like share my life with friends, document significant events in my life, etc. Work takes up too much time – even when I’m home, I’m doing work. This is simply not a good set of priorities for me to maintain.

But, I’d like to change that. We’ll see if I can type a few sentences much more often, and keep those friends more in-touch with what’s going on in my life.


A (minor) Christmas miracle December 7, 2007

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I enjoy putting up our outdoor Christmas decorations every year. I usually do it in late November, or early December – so I have enough time to enjoy them before the holiday itself. And every year, I convince myself I’m going to allocate enough time so that I can actually verify all the lights work before stringing them up on the house.

Of course, I never do: When I eventually do start putting up lights, there’s only a few hours before dark, so I just rush headlong into stringing them up. Then, when lighting them, I get frustrated at how many “gaps” there are in the coverage – sub-sections of strings which remain dark, due to bad bulbs.


Transitions September 11, 2006

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So… on this day of rememberance, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my life, and the lives of those around me. One aspect which I’ve greatly valued is the ability of keeping up-to-date with others via the web, especially via weblogs such as this.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything to my blog, however, and I have several excuses as to “why”. In all honesty, though, it boils down to: “The desire to maintain this website hasn’t been enough of a priority of mine”. Perhaps not a good reason, per se, but there it is.

However, I’m currently going through several transitions, which have made me re-evaluate many areas of my home life, as well as my work life. The upside is that I’ve made a commitment to myself (as well as several of my friends) to do a much better job in posting about my life going forward.

Watch this space for more … very soon.