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Finally! July 25, 2004

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That’s a reference not only to the subject of this entry, but also to the first update to this site in about 2 years (!). [Insert witty joke about a “cobweb” site here]

We just completed the updates to our front yard landscaping – something which we’ve wanted to do for a few years now. We had an area between the sidewalk and street, which has been bare for far too long. We designed a series of diamond shapes for planting areas (for trees, shrubs, etc.), and filled the rest with cobblestones.

Anyway, we have a photo album up with pictures of the efforts. Again, it was LONG overdue, but we’re glad it’s finally done (well, “done” may be a bit strong, as we still need to plant things in each of the diamond planting areas, but…). We think it looks great, and I’m sure our neighbors agree that it’s at least a lot better than what was there before ;-)