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Welcome to Latimer dot org! January 1, 2000

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Yes, I finally decided to get my own domain, so you are now viewing the ever-so-conceited vanity domain of Brian Latimer (“Lucky” who?) and his family.

The impetus for doing so is my upcoming wedding to my wonderful, beautiful, light-of-my-life-and-soon-to-be-wife (gee, how illiterative!), Patricia. I wanted to have a web location which we could both use to track our lives together, post things we want to share with family and friends, and just generally have a reference site which we can point others toward, in order to use this new-fangled internet-thingy to expand our friend base, as well as keep in better touch with others.

And, how did I tell my family about it? Well, the geek in me gave Patricia, my Mom, and my Dad, very simple gifts for Christmas: A postcard with nothing but a new email address on it. Which, of course, was met with quite a few quizzical stares, until I showed them the domain, and what could be done with it. The hope is that we will all have a very permanent email address, so old friends might be able to find me, and new ones to easily keep in touch.

Note that I do have a few “secret” areas on the site. Check for image maps in the main header, and see where they lead.

And for those who might ask: Yes, I actually prefer “.org”, as opposed to “.com” or “.net”, since I am not a commercial entity, nor an internet service provider. I really wish that ICANN and InterNIC would actually enforce the rules behind registration of sites using these TLDs…