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Machinima film for the Volvo V50 October 5, 2004

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Just saw a cool use of game technology, in advertising a new car…

It seems that a group of students from NYU won the “ProMotion Pictures Competition“, via an entry which features two of my favorite things: Machinima and Macs ;-)

“Machinima” is, essentially, filmmaking in virtual reality. Take as preliminary examples, the recent wave of computer-generated movies – such as Toy Story or Monsters, Inc. – but even something like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (which is live actors on a virtual set) could be a reference. But machinima projects use a commercial 3D engine from game developers to actually create, script, and animate exactly what the director intends.

They’ve used the game engine from my favorite series of games – the Unreal series – to make their rather-creative (IMHO) entry, entitled “Game:On”. See this 9-minute movie here:


Pretty well-done, IMHO.

Oh, the Mac reference? Note the computer he uses to display the 3D renders of the planned architecture in the meeting ;-)

(Quick aside: I’ve recently been enjoying a bit of Unreal-related machinima intended as tutorials for one of the best games in existence, Unreal Tournament 2004. See ElroyOnline’s “Victory ’04” guides for some very entertaining – and actually educational for UT2k4 newbies – bits of machinima. Um, when the site is back online, that is…)