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My Life on the G-List November 30, 2007

Posted by brianlatimer in Fun.

We got a chance to see Kathy Griffin at the Flint Center tonight, and it was great.

I’m not a “fan” of Kathy per se, but I do enjoy some of her routines. I have to admit: She was definitely on-task tonight – much (most?) of her material landed, and it was really a very very funny show.

Plus: We had excellent seats: Front row, center. Now, THAT’s the way to do a live show, folks. A buddy of mine from work (Ken) thought he saw me as I walked up front, and was giving us crap and trying to figure out how we got such great seats. Always fun ;-)

Immediately after she came out on stage, she dropped her iPhone (!). Then she complained about how tough it is to use, how she keeps getting “cannot connect to server”, etc. I gotta admit, she’s right on several points – although her audience was just a bit skewed to the geekier side of things, and probably doesn’t have these same issues.

It was a great set – even talking about her relationship with Woz, and how she loved having him accompany her to the Daytime Emmys, if for nothing else than to deflect Fox News reporters over to him for responses ;-)

AND, to cap it all off, we got to go backstage and talk to her, after her set. Several of us (John, Keith, and of course Patricia and I) are Apple folks, so we actually ended up providing iPhone tech support to her. I talked to her quite a bit, and helped her set up her phone favorites, etc. Turns out I’m a God in her mind, and she worships me. Oh yeah – it’s true. What – you don’t believe me? See for yourself ;-)

In all, a GREAT time. Kudos to JAV for getting us the tix, and although we didn’t get a chance to link up with Woz again (he’s probably saving her all for himself…), it really was a great night.


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