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GTD = Great Tools for Developers (or something like that) May 2, 2007

Posted by brianlatimer in Apple/Mac.

I’ve been a strong (well, at least well-intentioned) proponent of the “Getting Things Done” methodology for quite some time now. This is the practice described by the wonderful book of the same name, by David Allen (more details on his site), which provides not only for an easy approach for managing an ever-increasing list of tasks to be completed, but also for ensuring you can act on them in a logical, stress-free manner.

There are many MANY Mac-based tools available for implementing this in your daily workflow, some of which are discussed in this great StarryHope article, as well as an older O’Reilly MacDevCenter article.

But my favorite app – by FAR – is currently iGTD – by an independent developer in Poland.

Bartek has been incredibly responsive to feedback, and has been constantly striving to improve the application. Many, many of my suggestions have been incorporated into recent releases, making me feel this is as close to a custom-made application as I can get (thanks, Bartek!).

Of course, there are several other players in this field – the most promising of which seems to be OmniFocus (trés cool video demo of the latest alpha build there, BTW). I’m not sure if I’ll switch from iGTD, but I am a fan of OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, and most recently, OmniPlan – so you never know…

And, here are some other sites with useful information regarding available GTD apps:


BTW, If you want to subscribe to this “religion” of productivity (hmm, I guess that leaves some of us out… ;-), you can also frequent Merlin Mann’s “43 folders” site – especially noting posts such as the “Getting Started” entry, and the more-recent “Gentle introduction to GTD” entry.

Quick aside: The name of that site has always bugged me, since I equate “43” with the classic Mac OS error code “-43”, which means “file (or folder) not found“. NOT a good association for a process which is supposed to help you remember things, is it?



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